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DART-MX8M-PLUS Basler Camera using native NXP support


The following instructions will allow you to add support for the Basler MIPI camera to your Yocto images using the software modules already present in the Yocto BSP.
This will allow you to stream images/video from a Basler camera(s) connected to a Variscite evaluation kit.

Available cameras

Download Variscite Yocto BSP

Please follow Build Yocto from source code.
Execute steps 1-4.3 to download the BSP sources, but don't start bitbake yet.

Customize configuration files

Customize local.conf

Add the following to conf/local.conf under your Yocto build directory:

IMAGE_INSTALL_append_mx8mp = " \
       kernel-module-isp-vvcam \
       isp-imx \
       basler-camera \

Build Yocto image

Continue following Build Yocto from source code from where you left off, to bitbake and install an image.

Preparing Yocto to use the Basler camera

The Yocto image supports the standard camera by default. In order to use the Basler camera an additional step is needed. Run the following commands at the shell prompt:

# cd /boot
# mv imx8mp-var-dart-dt8mcustomboard.dtb imx8mp-var-dart-dt8mcustomboard-ov5640.dtb
# mv imx8mp-var-dart-dt8mcustomboard-legacy.dtb imx8mp-var-dart-dt8mcustomboard-legacy-ov5640.dtb
# mv imx8mp-var-som-symphony.dtb imx8mp-var-som-symphony-ov5640.dtb
# ln -fs imx8mp-var-dart-dt8mcustomboard-basler-isp0.dtb imx8mp-var-dart-dt8mcustomboard.dtb
# ln -fs imx8mp-var-dart-dt8mcustomboard-legacy-basler-isp0.dtb imx8mp-var-dart-dt8mcustomboard-legacy.dtb
# ln -fs imx8mp-var-som-symphony-basler-isp0.dtb imx8mp-var-som-symphony.dtb

Running GStreamer

Run the following command at the shell prompt:

$ gst-launch-1.0 -v v4l2src device=/dev/video0 ! waylandsink

Prebuilt recovery SD card image

A prebuilt recovery SD card image with Basler camera support can be downloaded from:

Note: Some web browsers have removed FTP support. Please see our FTP wiki page.