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1 Downloading from an FTP server

Variscite uses an FTP server to deliver software releases and other files to customers. Recently, Google Chrome, Firefox and possibly other browsers have started to remove FTP support.
If you were using one of these browsers to access our FTP server, please choose one of the following solutions.

1.1 Enabling FTP support in Google Chrome

Google Chrome disables FTP support by default. To enable it:

1. Open Chrome and enter the following in the address bar:


2. Search for "Enable support for FTP URLs" and set it to "Enabled".

1.2 Using a dedicated FTP client

There are many FTP client applications and you can use any of them.
One of the most popular FTP clients is FileZilla, which is also a graphical, multi-platform and open source software.
To download it you can use the web link above, or in Ubuntu you can run the following:

$ sudo apt install filezilla

1.3 Downloading files from an FTP server using wget

The easiest way to download files from an FTP server using the Linux command line is to use wget:

$ wget <user:password@URL>

For example:

$ wget ftp://customerv:Variscite1@ftp.variscite.com/VAR-SOM-MX8X/Software/b2qt/b2qt-dunfell-var-som-mx8x-v1.0.img.gz