Yocto Qt5 Toolchain installation

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VAR-SOM-MX8 - Yocto Qt5 Toolchain Installation

Pre Requirements

Full Yocto OpenEmbedded environment is required for the toolchain generation.
To setup Yocto build environment follow steps 1 & 3 of the Build Yocto from source code guide and then proceed to the toolchain build below:

Build Toolchain

$ cd ~/var-fsl-yocto
$ MACHINE=imx8qm-var-som DISTRO=fsl-imx-xwayland . var-setup-release.sh -b build_xwayland

$  bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5

The output will be located at tmp/deploy/sdk/.

Install Toolchain

Install the tools by running it:

$ tmp/deploy/sdk/fsl-imx-xwayland-glibc-x86_64-meta-toolchain-qt5-aarch64-toolchain-4.14-sumo.sh

Reply to all defaults 'y'
At the end of the installation you should see the following:

SDK has been successfully set up and is ready to be used.
The toolchain name depend on your build machine and may change

Use Toolchain

Each time you wish to use the toolchain in a new shell session, you need to source the environment setup script:

$ source /opt/fsl-imx-xwayland/4.14-sumo/environment-setup-aarch64-poky-linux