VAR-SOM-SD600 fastboot

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1 General information

Boot sequence and partition table consist of:

  1. Qualcomm's proprietary bootloaders (SBLs). Reside in the first partitions
  2. LK bootloader (fastboot)
  3. Kernel
  4. Android FS

Note: Bad installation of either SBLs or LK bootloader (fastboot), will result in sending SOM back to Variscite for an RMA procedure.

2 Pre-built package

- boot.img: Linux Kernel + Ramdisk boot
- cache.img: Android Cache partition
- emmc_appsboot.mbn: Fastboot bootloader
- A script to flash images over fastboot
- persist.img: Android persist partition
- recovery.img: Recovery image
- system.img: Android system partition
- userdata.img: Android data partition 

3 Flashing pre-built binaries to eMMC flash-storage

Execute the fastboot script

$cd /path to prebuilt imagages folder
$sudo ./flashall

The following should be displayed on ubuntu host:

"waiting for device"

Connect device to PC:

  • Press and hold the fastboot button
  • Power up the device, or press the reset button
  • Connect the OTG cable to PC

The following should be displayed on the host Ubuntu:

The following should be displayed on ubuntu host: