VAR-SOM-OM37 Android GS

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VAR-SOM-OM37 - Android support

Variscite's VAR-SOM-OM37 Android support is based on TI Android DevKit V2.3

Android version 2.3.6 (GingerBread)

Supported device drivers:

  1. LCD panel, including PowerVR (OpenGL)
  2. Touch panel
  3. USB host
  4. USB gadget
  5. SD card
  6. HDMI output
  7. Ethernet (Web browsing)
  8. UARTs
  9. SPI
  10. I2C
  11. Audio

1 Installing pre-built images

.IMG file in FTP are located under: \VAR-SOM-OM35_VAR-SOM-OM37_VAR-SOM-AM35\Software\Android\VAR-SOM-OM37\Gingerbread-2_6_37\

The Android folder on FTP contains ready-to-run pre-built image which contain:Kernel uImage and Android File system.

Pre-installed uboot / xloader should be used.

Variscite recommends the use of Ultra (generation 8 and above) SD-Card for optimial performance.

To install:  
Plug a 4GB SD-Card to your PC, run dmesg and see what device is added (i.e. /dev/sdbX) 

gunzip devkit_2_3_var_som_om37.img.gz
dd if=devkit_2_3_var_som_om37 of=/dev/sdX bs=128k


Uboot Bootargs:

setenv ethaddr		00:11:22:33:44:55
setenv ipaddr
setenv serverip
setenv netmask
setenv gatewayip
setenv bootdelay	1
setenv console_tty	ttyO2
setenv get_kernel	run nand_kernel
setenv nand_kernel	nand read.i 0x80000000 280000 300000
setenv mmc_kernel	'mmc init; fatload mmc 1 0x80000000 uImage'
setenv tftp_kernel	tftpboot 0x80000000 uImage
set addmac		setenv bootargs \${bootargs} ethaddr=\${ethaddr}
set addconsole		setenv bootargs \${bootargs} console=\${console_tty},115200n8 androidboot.console=\${console_tty}
setenv bootargs_common	init=/init mem=256M noinitrd rw omap_vout.vid1_static_vrfb_alloc=y vram=8M omapfb.vram=0:8M rootdelay=1 rootwait
setenv setargs_fs	set bootargs \${bootargs_common} root=/dev/mtdblock4 rootfstype=jffs2 ip=::::::off
setenv setargs_nfs	set bootargs \${bootargs_common} root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=\${nfsroot},nolock ip=dhcp
setenv setargs_sd	set bootargs \${bootargs_common} root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 ip=off
setenv boot_fs		run get_kernel\;run setargs_fs\;run addmac\;run addconsole\;bootm 0x80000000
setenv boot_nfs		run tftp_kernel\;run setargs_nfs\;run addmac\;run addconsole\;bootm 0x80000000
setenv boot_sd		run mmc_kernel\;run setargs_sd\;run addmac\;run addconsole\;bootm 0x80000000
setenv bootcmd		run boot_sd

2 Build from Source

In General, Follow TI instructions :

Kernel changes should be made to default manifest: (patch can be obtained from Variscite's FTP)

cd kernel
git checkout remotes/origin/rowboat-kernel-2.6.37
git apply ANDROID_DEVKIT_23_VAR-SOM-OM37.patch

Continue with intructions as defined in TI developers guilde.

2.1 Quick References

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