VAR-SOM-OM37/AM35 Linux Boot From SD-CARD

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Booting from SD-Card allows you to re-flash XLDR, UBOOT and Kernel images even if flash images are corrupted.

Follow the below procedure to creat a bootable SD-Card (Procedure is for Windows hosts).

  1. Unrar supplied HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool V2.0.6.rar tool.   Format tool can be found under : \VAR-SOM-OM35_VAR-SOM-OM37_VAR-SOM-AM35\Software\SD_Card_format_tool both on Supplied CD or in Variscite's FTP.  For access code to Variscite's FTP, contact
  2. format an SD-Card using the tool (only via the supplied tool!)
  3. copy MLO U-BOOT.BIN files into SD-Card. File can be found in the pre-built images folder of the appropriate platform.
  4. Launch hyper-terminal and connect rs-232 cable to PC
  5. press and hold "boot-select" button on evaluation kit 
  6. power-up kit and wait for u-boot (linux bootloader) logs on hyper terminal to appear.