VAR-SOM-OM35/7/AM35 Linux Angstrom distribution

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Angstrom Distribution

1 Introduction

Variscite provides its SOMs with a filesystem image based on Angstrom Linux 2009.

Variscite provides ready to run NAND flash image, Linux kernel configuration and source code patches, and OpenEmbedded configuration files used to build the Angstrom Linux filesystem image.

The default Angstrom Linux image takes approximately 250 megabytes of flash space, and includes more than 1000 software packages. Among them:

  • Core system
  • X11 Windowing System
  • Enlightment E17 desktop manager
  • Firefox and Midory web browsers
  • Office applications
  • GIMP
  • Totem, MPlayer and omapfbplay media players.

2 Using Angstrom Linux on VAR-SOM-OM37

2.1 Display options

VAR-DVK-3x has two video output interfaces: LCD and DVI .

2.1.1 Display resolutions

  • The URT LCD supplied with VAR-DVK-3x evaluation kit supports 800x480 resolution with 18 bits per color
  • DVI output can be configured for standard resolutions using kernel command line parameters, for further information please see VAR-SOM-OM35/7_Linux_Display_Driver

2.2 Video playback

Angstrom Linux supports playback of MPEG2, MPEG4 and H.264 video formats using the OMAP's DSP. For Video playback demo:

# cd /opt/dvsdk/omap3530
# ./
# ./decode -v data/videos/davincieffect_ntsc_1_50s.264

2.3 Angstrom Linux package management

Angstrom Linux includes a package manager. It can be run either from command line, or using GUI. Go to "Settings" -> "Package Manager" to start the application, select packages you'd like to install and press "Apply" button.

3 Additional References