VAR-SOM-MX8 Release Notes

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VAR-SOM-MX8 / SPEAR-MX8 Release Notes

Android p9.0.0_2.0.0-ga_var-som-mx8_v21

1 Release Notes

Based on release Google: android-9.0.0_r30 NXP BSP: Android P9.0.0_2.0.0
Release tag p9.0.0_2.0.0-ga_var-som-mx8_v21
Release date 8/5/2020
Supported platforms VAR-SOM-MX8 / SPEAR-MX8
SOM revision VAR-SOM-MX8 / SPEAR-MX8 v1.1 and higher
NXP BSP FTP imx-p9.0.0_2.0.0-ga.tar.gz
Variscite BSP git
Variscite BSP branch p9.0.0_2.0.0-ga-var01
Kernel git
Kernel branch p9.0.0_2.0.0-ga_var01
U-Boot git
U-Boot branch imx_v2018.03_4.14.98_2.0.0_ga_var01
File System build system Android
Recovery SD card link var-som-mx8-recovery-sd.v21.img.gz

Note: Some web browsers have removed FTP support. Please see our FTP wiki page or download using the command line:

$ wget 

After downloading the image, visit our Recovery SD card guide to learn how to program a recovery SD card.

2 Change Log

Change List Description
Release 2.1
Ethernet phy1 fix for Symphony-Board rev. 1.4
Restructured audio policy configuration
Release 1.10
VAR-SOM-MX8: Added support for Symphony-Board v1.3A Added internal RX delay for 2nd Ethernet PHY on Symphony-Board
Release 1.9
Fix for suspend/resume crash
Added MTP and PTP support The current ptn5150 driver does not support power delivery role swap
Android policies change to use either eth0 or eth1 interface.
Add USB3 and OTG automount support in fstab
Added support for SPL
imx-sc-firmware: Upgraded to SCFW ver. 1.2.10
Upgraded LPDDR4 configuration to RPA V19 CBT
Read DDR configuration from EEPROM
SPL: Disable SD Card Detect pin
Add support for reading DRAM size from the EEPROM
Load HDP firmware from vendor partition to support DP and HDMI
USB storage: Limit transfer size to 120 kiB
Autoboot: Stop setting the environment to default when booting from USB
Added support for HDMI audio
MLK-23408: ASoC: fsl_amix: make clock and output src write only
Release 1.8
Added HDMI / DP support
Improved WiFi stability over SDIO
Moved to kernel bootargs to be dtb dependent
Extended USB key support to all available USB ports
Fixed WiFi detection on latest revision of VAR-SOM-MX8
Fixed bootable SD card creation when SD card has no partitions
Upgraded BT and WiFi to Laird release
Upgraded SCFW to ver. 1.2.8 to support latest CPU and PMIC revisions
Restored mutual exclusion between STA and AP
Release 1.5
Added Android support for SPEAR-MX8
Fixed VAR-SOM-MX8 on Symphony-Board V1.2 touchscreen support
Release 1.4
None (recovery SD with Yocto updates only)
Release 1.3
Added Android support for VAR-SOM-MX8