VAR-SOM-MX6 Yocto Fido R3 Build Linux out of tree

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VAR-SOM-MX6 - Yocto fsl-3.14.38_6qp Fido R3 Linux out of tree

Toolchain installation for out of Yocto builds

Build the toolchain by:

$ bitbake meta-ide-support
$ bitbake meta-toolchain

The output will be located at tmp/deploy/sdk/. On a 64 bit Ubuntu you will get:


Install the tools by running:

$ tmp/deploy/sdk/

Reply to all defaults 'y'
The toolchain name depend on your build machine and may change.

Build Linux out of Yocto tree

Get sources:

$ cd ~/var-som-mx6-yocto-fido
$ git clone
$ cd linux-2.6-imx/
$ git checkout -b imx_3.14.38_6qp_ga_var01 remotes/origin/imx_3.14.38_6qp_ga_var01

Build the Linux kernel:

$ source /opt/poky/1.8/environment-setup-cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi
$ make mrproper
$ make imx_v7_var_defconfig
$ make -j4 LOADADDR=0x10008000 uImage
$ make -j4 LOADADDR=0x10008000 modules

Build all device trees:
$ make -j4 dtbs

Build device tree for a specific device:

Build the device tree for Dualite/Solo:
$ make -j4 imx6dl-var-som.dtb

Build the device tree for Quad/Dual:
$ make -j4 imx6q-var-som.dtb

Build the device tree for VAR-SOM-SOLO:
$ make -j4 imx6dl-var-som-solo.dtb

Build the device tree for VAR-SOM-SOLO on VAR-SOLOCustomBoard:
$ make -j4 imx6dl-var-som-solo-vsc.dtb

Build the device tree for DART-MX6:
$ make -j4 imx6q-var-dart.dtb

Install the built kernel on an SD card

Copy the uImage and device trees to the SD card boot partition, and install the modules in the SD card rootfs partition.
Assuming the boot partition is mounted on /media/BOOT-VARSOM and the rootfs partition is mounted on /media/rootfs/:

$ sudo make ARCH=arm modules_install INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/media/rootfs/
$ cp arch/arm/boot/uImage /media/BOOT-VARSOM
$ cp arch/arm/boot/dts/*var*.dtb /media/BOOT-VARSOM