VAR-SOM-MX6 Android Wireless LAN

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VAR-SOM-MX6 - Android Nougat N7.1.1 - Wireless LAN

1 Setup

Make sure you have proper antenna connected.

2 Test

Scan for wireless networks: Turn on the WiFi from the settings menu.

Android Connectivity WiFi.png

Connecting to a WPA encrypted network:
Click on the scanned network.
Enter password

You will see the connectivity on the status bar also in the settings screen. Like below
Android Connectivity WiFi Connected.png

3 Access Point

Wifi Access point is supported via Ethernet routing.

  • Connect Ethernet port

Make sure ethernet has IP and you are able to browse the internet.

  • Click on Hotspot & Tethering like mentioned below

Android WiFi Tethering.png
Setup Hotspot Name and Security , and choose Hotspot password

  • Using your phone connect to newly created "Wifi-Hotspot"

You should be able to browse the internet on your phone.