VAR-SOM-MX6 Android Ethernet

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VAR-SOM-MX6 - Android Nougat N7.1.1 - Ethernet

Ethernet Manager is part of the system image by default.
Simply plug in the Ethernet cable and it will connect using DHCP by default.

1 Ethernet configuration tool

In your desktop menu, you should have an application called Ethernet, as shown in the below image:
Ethernet Home Screen.png

Click on it and you will see the below screen:
Ethernet App Home Screen.png

2 Ethernet DHCP configuration

As written before, the default connection type is DHCP.
You can change it to static IP, using the Ethernet app:
Eth DHCP Screen.png

3 Ethernet static IP configuration

Click on Static IP, and enter the following parameters:

IP Address		e.g.
Netmask			e.g.
Default Gateway		e.g.
DNS1			e.g. (Google DNS)
DNS2			e.g. (Google DNS)

Click on "Confirm" to apply the settings.

4 Testing

Click on WebView Browser Test and browse the Internet normally.