VAR-SOM-AM33 Windows GS

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VAR-SOM-AM33 - WEC7 Support

Variscite supports its VAR-SOM-AM33 with Windows Embedded compact 7 BSP.

The BSP provides support for all on-board peripherals.

Your Windows CE folder on your CD contains:

  1. Ready-to-run pre-built binaries : NK.bin , Eboot, Xloader
  2. Sources files.
  3. SDK
  4. OpenGL / PowerVR demos

Sources files and build instructions for Linux package can be download from Variscite FTP.

Contact Variscite support for FTP credentials.

Supportted BSP features in Rev 1.2

Feature Supported Comments
Graphics Drivers Yes
  • OpenGL support
Power management Yes
  • DVFS core
  • CPU Freq - CPUFreq can be used for CPU frequency adjustment.
Sound drivers Yes
  • TLVAIC3106 Audio Codec
Input device drivers                              Yes
  • 4 Wire touch panel
  • Capacitive touch panel (Optional in EVB)
  • USB devices
Mass Storate Drivers Yes
  • USB Flash drive
  • SD/MMC controller
Networking drivers Yes
  • 10/100 Micrel 8051 phy
  • Micrel 9021 Gbit ethernet - Not yet supported.
USB Drivers Yes
  • USB host
I2C Yes
Boot from SD-Card Yes
Splash-Screen Yes
  • TPS65910
In-Field o.s. update Yes
Wifi  No Provided by third party