IMX8 Debian XWayland

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Running X11 applications on wayland backend via xwayland

Xwayland introduction / reference

Installing Xwayland

# apt-get update
# apt-get install xwayland

Starting the Xwayland server

Edit the /etc/xdg/weston/weston.ini file and make sure it has the two highlighted params below:

# i.MX: Disable idle timeout


Restart Weston

# systemctl restart weston

Install and run an X11 based application

We'll use Chromium as an example:
On Debian Buster Chromium only supports the X11 backend (chromium-ozone is not in the Debian Buster repository).

# apt-get install -y chromium
# export DISPLAY=:0
# /usr/bin/chromium --no-sandbox

You can safely ignore the warnings. The acceleration is provided using LLVMPIPE - no Vivante GPU integration is available.


  • While other X11 based application may work, not all X11 applications in the Debian repository are tested by Variscite.
  • Chromium built by Debian repo does not support Video Decoding acceleration.