IMX6UL Debian

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DART-6UL Debian Stretch 9.3

Debian project is a Linux distributions for embedded devices. Debian big varities of pre-built packages and easy to customization provides rapid prototyping with minimal efforts. This release is based on NXP BSP from Yocto and Debian 9.3 core libraries. Variscite adds packages and configuration support its i.MX6 UL/ULL System On Module products: DART-6UL and DART-6UL-5G (all of which are under the DART-6UL category of this Wiki).
Release version: stretch-4.14.78-mx6ul-v1.0

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Test and use an Interface


  • In any "How-to" steps where manual steps to be executed on the target are mentioned, either the serial port or via ssh.
  • If a certain interface require changes in the kernel code, then after those changes are done the kernel image and device tree dtbs needs to be rebuilt and flashed on the SOM.