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OMAP4DART - Ubuntu Precise

1 Introduction

Below instructions corresponds to Ubuntu_12.04-DART.VAR10 release. 

Variscite supports its OMAP4 DART4460 with TI Ubuntu Linux kernel and Ubuntu Precise (12.04) distribution.

The Linux kernel provides support for all on-board peripherals.

Your Ubuntu folder in the FTP contains ready-to-run pre-built image which contain:Kernel, U-boot, Xloader and Ubuntu File system.

You must use Ubuntu 12.04LTS workstation as your build system.

2 Install Ubuntu on eMMC

OMAP4 DART board includes an on-SOM 4G eMMC which is the default boot device.

To burn the eMMC for the first time you need to boot from the external SD card and burn the eMMC from Linux shell.

To install Ubuntu on external SD card plug microSD card to your Linux host machine, run dmesg and see what device is added (for example:  /dev/sdX, /dev/mmcblk0).

You can identify your device name by using dmesg and looking at the end of the system log.

Install the pre-build Ubuntu image on the SD card.

$ gunzip Ubuntu_12.04_core-DART-BOARD.VAR10_2.img.gz
$ dd if=Ubuntu_12.04_core-DART-BOARD.VAR10_2.img of=/dev/sdX bs=128k

Plug the microSD to DART MMC port, setup SW4 (on DART carrier board) to boot from SD and power on the DART board.

This will boot Ubuntu from microSD card.

login: username: root, no password

To burn eMMC

$ umount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /dev/mmcblk0p1
$ sudo /root/eMMC/emmc-flasher.sh

Setup SW4 to boot from eMMC and power on the DART board. Now it will boot Ubuntu from internal eMMC.

3 Build Ubuntu Kernel from sources

To retrieving the kernel sources use git:

$ git clone git://dev.omapzoom.org/pub/scm/integration/kernel-ubuntu.git
$ cd kernel-ubuntu 
$ git checkout -b working d8a13c28e3ddc1f7cb098823b883dbc6a02bcb43

To apply Variscite kernel patches:

$ git apply omap4dart-ubuntu-12.04.TI_GLP168-VAR10-armhf-omap4.patch
$ git apply 0001-Fix-GPIO-LEDs.patch

Install tools:

$ sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf cpp-arm-linux-gnueabihf
$ sudo apt-get build-dep linux-image-$(uname -r)
$ sudo apt-get install dpkg-dev kernel-wedge

Set tools enviroment variables:

$ export ARCH=arm
$ export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf-

Make changes to the kernel (optional):

$ fakeroot debian/rules clean
$ fakeroot debian/rules editconfigs

Build the kernel and generate a kernel package:

$ fakeroot debian/rules clean
$ do_tools=false skipabi=true skipmodule=true dpkg-buildpackage -B -aarmhf -uc -us

You should have in the directory above the kernel-ubuntu 3 .deb pacakges.

For example:


4 Build U-Boot from sources

To retrieve the U-Boot sources use git:

$ git clone git://git.linaro.org/boot/u-boot-linaro-stable.git
$ cd u-boot-linaro-stable
$ git checkout -b working 5b752a1e0528aa29f5bd4cde0905c8b604c56255

To apply Variscite U-Boot patch:

git apply omap4dart-u-boot-linaro-VAR10.patch

To build U-Boot sources(OMAP4 DART EVM):

$ make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- omap4_dart_evm    # boot from eMMC
$ make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- omap4_dart_evm_sd # boot from external SD card

To build U-Boot sources(OMAP4 DART Board):

$ make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- omap4_dart_board    # boot from eMMC
$ make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- omap4_dart_board_sd # boot from external SD card

5 Apply your kernel

From device Linux shell. Make sure your are connected to the network and copy .deb files from your build system:

$ cd ~/var-som-om44.deb/
$ scp <yourname>@<your build system ip>:<your build folder>/*.deb ./

Unmount your boot partition

sudo umount /dev/mmcblk0p1

Install Debian pacakges:

sudo dpkg -i *3.4.0-1489.28_armhf.deb

Reboot your target to get new kernel changes.

6 Install U-Boot on eMMC

Flash images to the eMMC device:

$ dd if=MLO of=/dev/mmcblk0 seek=131072 bs=1
$ dd if=u-boot.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 seek=393216 bs=1

7 Capture video from CSI cameras

From device Linux shell, to capture video from CSI1 camera type:

$ X & 
$ ./cap_cam1.sh

To capture video from CSI2 camera type:

$ X & 
$ ./cap_cam2.sh