DART-6UL Start Here

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DART-6UL - First Time? Start Here.


1 Step One: Read Documentations

Please download and read the development kit documentation. on Variscite website

Make sure you read the Quick Start Guide.

2 Step Two: Setup Linux host PC Development Environment

Set up your development environment.

3 Step Three: DVK Power Up

Power up the board.
You should have the serial cable connected to the debug port, as describe in the quick start guide
When board boots, make sure you see the U-Boot and kernel prints on your host PC terminal. You will need to type-in commands in the command prompt late in the development stages.
The Linux login is root (no password).

Don't continue without the serial console operating.

4 Step Four: A quick test with NAND recovery SD-Card

Please follow the below guide to boot DVK with a bootable SD-Card , and burn a complete yocto into NAND-Flash

5 Step Five: What next?

Your next step can be one of :