Android Programming with Android Studio

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VAR-SOM-MX6 - Android Nougat N7.1.1 - Programming with Android Studio

1 Debugging With Android Studio

1.1 Android Studio And Hello World APK

Create a Hello World APK Refer to: Hello World 'APK' application

1.2 Setting up ADB/Fast Boot for the DevKit

Refer to: Adb and Fastboot

1.3 Debugging with Android Studio and DevKit

Refer to:

Before you go to step no 2, verify the devkit is present. To verify the device is present run below commands

1 $ adb devices

You should see below output

1 $ adb devices
2 List of devices attached
3 0a2299d4e6fe1111        device

If you see above output, proceed with step 2 and onwards as per the instruction:

Please don't use emulator instruction mentioned there as the physical device(VAR-SOM-MX6) already present.