Adding Debian packages

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DART-MX8M-MINI - Adding Debian Packages


It's not recommended to duplicate/clone SOM's internal storage from one device and attach it to another. There are few scripts run for the first time at startup, and configuration files are generated, which are unique to the SOM. A better approach is to add required packages, services, and applications to the Debian rootfs at compile time using the build script. The resulting rootfs, created by the build script, will then be available as an archive, ready to be deployable for other targets.

Please refer to the Debian Build Release guide to learn more about the build process.

Adding packages to rootfs

If you want to add more packages to the Debian rootfs, add your list of packages to the build script variable G_USER_PACKAGES (already present in the build script).

For example, if you want to add the packages git and vim, you can change

#### user rootfs packages ####
readonly G_USER_PACKAGES=""


#### user rootfs packages ####
readonly G_USER_PACKAGES=" \
	git \
	vim \

File: ~/var_mx8mm_dart_debian_buster/

Note: You can look up the available packages for Debian Buster at the Debian packages directory.

Adding application to rootfs

If you have your application to be installed on your rootfs, you can add your application files (e.g., binaries, libraries, service and configuration files) to the 'variscite' folder (located in the root of the build folder: ~/var_mx8mm_dart_debian_buster/variscite) and add the installation routine to the build script.

Take the forth-stage section of the following script as an example (search for "# fourth-stage" in the script):

In this stage, the build script installs, for example, the service variscite-bt (search for "# install variscite-bt service") by copying its application files (located at the 'variscite' folder) to their proper places in the rootfs.

Build the rootfs

Please refer to the Debian Build Release guide to learn how to use the Debian build script to create the rootfs.