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VAR-SOM-OM35/7 Windows SDK

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SDK setup and Application Development

In order to develop applications for the Windows embedded CE environment,  the developer is required to

  • Install Visual Studio 2005/2008
  • Install synchronization application (i.e. active sync)
  • Install Variscite's SDK
  • Create an pplication
    • Simple C/C++ or MFC application
    • C#/.NET Application
  • Deploy application to device

1 Visual Studio Installation

Acquire and install the appropriate Microsoft Visual Studio version. Contact Microsoft for more details.

2 Synchronization Applications

The following application should be installed in order to debug application on the target hardware:

  • ActiveSync application for Windows XP and earlier
  • Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows Vista, Windows 7

The application may be downloaded free of charge from the site of Microsoft. For more details reference to Microsoft.

3 Variscite CE SDK Installation

The SDK installation file (.msi) resides on the CD included in your DVK, or may be downloaded from Variscite FTP site. To install the SDK, follow these steps:

  • Locate the SDK folder
    • On CD: WindowsCE - 1.X.Y\Software\SDK
    • On FTP: /OMAP/WindowsCE/Release/x.y.z/SDK/
  • Run the SDK installation file
    • VAR_OM35xxSBC.msi for VAR-SOM-OM35
    • VAR-SOM-OM37_SDK.msi for VAR-SOM-OM37
  • On the first page of the SDK installer – Click Next
  • On the second page of the SDK installer – Accept the EULA and Click Next
  • On the third page (customer information) of the SDK Installer – Click Next
  • On the fourth page (setup type) of the SDK Installer – Click Complete
  • On the fifth page (destination folders) of the SDK Installer – Click Next
  • On the Final page of the SDK installer – Click Install
  • To complete the installation of the SDK – Click Finish

4 Creating Windows CE Application

In order to start developing application for Windows CE, developer should create a solution of the appropriate type.

Note: The following text will be illustrated with snapshots of Visual Studio 2005.

4.1 C/C++ and MFC Application

  • Start New Project creation from "File -> New -> Project"
    Vs2005 np c.JPG
    • Choose "Other Languages -> Visual C++ -> Smart Device"
    • Choose the desired project type
      • MFC Smart Device Application for MFC application development
      • Win32 Smart Device Project for Simple C/C++ application development
    • Fill project "Name"
    • Choose correct project location
    • Push "OK" button
  • Push "Next" button
    Vs2005 2.JPG
  • Select the appropriate SDK using < and > buttons
    • VAR_OM35xxSBC for VAR-SOM-OM35
      Vs2005 3 om35.JPG
    • VAR-SOM-OM37 for VAR-SOM-OM37
      Vs2005 3 om37.JPG
    • Push "Next" button
  • Continue with custom solution configuration (depends on type of project)

4.2 C# / .NET Application

  • Start New Project creation from "File -> New -> Project"
    Vs2005 np NET.JPG
    • Choose "Visual C# -> Smart Device -> Windows CE 5.0"
    • Choose "Device Application" project type
    • Fill project "Name"
    • Choose correct project location
    • Push "OK" button

5 Application Deployment

  • Power up target system (VAR-DVK-OM3x)
  • Connect target OTG port to the USB port of the desktop PC
  • Wait for ActiveSync connection
  • Compile application (F6)
  • Deploy applicatoin "Start Debugging" (F5) button