VAR-SOM-SD600 fastboot

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1 General information

Qualcomm's propietary bootloaders (SBLs) can not be shared with customers Bad installation of either SBLs or LK bootloader (fastboot), will result in sending SOM back to Variscite for an RMA procedure.

2 Pre-built package

- boot.img: Linux Kernel + Ramdisk boot 
- cache.img: Android Cache partition 
- emmc_appsboot.mbn: Fastboot bootloader 
- A script to flash images over fastboot 
- persist.img: Android persist partition 
- recovery.img: Recovery image 
- system.img: Android system partition 
- userdata.img: Android data partition 

3 Installing binaries to eMMC storage

Execute the fastboot script

$cd /path to prebuilt imagages folder
$sudo ./flashall

The following should be displayed on ubuntu host:

"waiting for device"

Connect device to PC:

  • Press and hold the fastboot button
  • Power up the device, or press the reset button
  • Connect the OTG cable to PC

The following should be displayed on the host Ubuntu:

The following should be displayed on ubuntu host: