VAR-SOM-OM35/7 Windows OpenGL

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1 Introduction

TI OMAP3530 application processor includes the "PowerVR SGX" Core that provides advanced hardware accelerated support for OpenGL ES and OpenVG graphics. This topic explains how to enable the 3D graphics capabilities under Windows CE.

2 PowerVR Installation

  • Download the latest PowerVR package from Variscite FTP. The file resides in the OMAP/WindowsCE/Release/x.y.z/PowerVR/ folder, where x.y.z should be replaced with the current version.

Note: The PowerVR version should be compatible with BSP version. Therefore customer is encouraged to upgrade to the latest BSP release. Otherwise, OpenGL and/or regular display capabilities may be corrupted!

  • Close Visual studio
  • Unzip downloaded file to the \WINCE600\PUBLIC to create in order two subdirectories - PowerVR and PowerVR-SDK.
  • Open OMAP solution in Platform Builder
  • Switch to the Catalog view
  • Check all the PowerVR components as it shown on the following picture:

Note: Only one 3D API may be chosen for the application. Then, unnecessary components from 3D API may be removed in order to reduce OS image size.

  • Perform SYSGEN build of the solution