VAR-SOM-MX93 Release Notes

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VAR-SOM-MX93 Release Notes

Debian mx93-debian-bookworm-6.1.1_1.0.1-v1.0

Release Notes

Based on release Debian: Bookworm 12, Linux Kernel: NXP lf-6.1.1-1.0.1
Release git
Release branch debian_bookworm_var01
Release tag mx93-debian-bookworm-6.1.1_1.0.1-v1.0
Date 06/29/2023
Supported platforms VAR-SOM-MX93
SOM revision v1.0 with A0 SoC
Embedded Linux Distribution Debian Bookworm
Recovery SD card link mx93-debian-bookworm-6.1.1_1.0.1-v1.0.img.zst
Recovery SD card SHA256

Relevant git Repositories

Source Repository Branch Commit ID
U-Boot lf_v2022.04_var03 8ca7ec9603abcf4254c92f4130ef4786e2b43bd6
Kernel lf-6.1.y_var01 5af56b1beb0ed4b4ce59cbcf8d92115451725fa3

After downloading the image, visit our Recovery SD card guide to learn how to program a recovery SD card.

Change Log

Change List Description
Release 1.0
Initial Bookworm release
Debian packages mirror The snapshots apt server is currently experiencing apt timeout problems.
For more information, see: Re: not getting updates.
For the time being, Variscite is using the mirror.
This release is based on snapshot
Known Issues
Several features are not yet supported by the NXP BSP: - CPU frequency scaling
- Encrypted FS
ML packages are not included in this release.