VAR-SOM-MX8 Release Notes

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VAR-SOM-MX8 / SPEAR-MX8 Release Notes

Yocto mx8-yocto-hardknott-5.10.72_2.2.1-v1.1

Release Notes

Based on release Yocto: Poky 3.3, BSP: FSLC 3.3, Linux: lf-5.10.y
Release tag mx8-yocto-hardknott-5.10.72_2.2.1-v1.1
Release manifest hardknott-5.10.xml
Date 06/24/2022
Supported platforms VAR-SOM-MX8 / SPEAR-MX8
SOM revision v1.1 and higher
File System build system Yocto Hardknott
Recovery SD card link mx8__yocto-hardknott-5.10.72_2.2.1-v1.1__android-11.0.0_1.0.0-v1.3.img.gz
Cortex M4 U-Boot supportMCUXPRESSO_2.9.0_V1.0_VAR-SOM-MX8
Cortex M4 Linux remoteproc supportMCUXPRESSO_2.9.0_V1.0_VAR-SOM-MX8

Relevant git Repositories

Source Repository Branch Commit ID
U-Boot lf_v2021.04_var03 4e4e0f7861f0bf01827012c4cfa725e31e71eb56
Kernel lf-5.10.y_var04 6f12c87caf38eb4f33cebaa493adf23f235cc61f
meta-variscite-bsp hardknott 5d0c9fbea1751971b599f78d6e98449835a65d98

After downloading the image, visit our Recovery SD card guide to learn how to program a recovery SD card.

Change Log

Change List Description
Release 1.1
U-Boot: fec2: aligned to fec1 for consistency
U-Boot: fec1: tune phy-reset-post-delay with proper value
U-Boot: ethphy1: remove no need rx-internal-delay-ps property
Linux: ethphy1: remove no need rx-internal-delay-ps property
Linux: ptn5150: use interrupts instead of deprecated int-gpio
Linux: extcon: ptn5150: Add irq-is-id-quirk
Linux: imx-lpi2c: change log level for eDMA related logs
Linux: ptn5150: enable irq-is-id-quirk irq-is-id-quirk allows the id pin to be used as an interrupt to avoid using a separate device tree file for Symphony <= 1.4.
meta-layer: libubootenv: link with bfd instead of gold
meta-layer: linux-variscite: Remove KERNEL_CONFIG_COMMAND

Release 1.0
Initial Yocto Hardknott release based on NXP lf-5.10.72_2.2.1 (kernel 5.10.72)
Known Issues
RPMSG Demos from U-Boot Starting from BSP 5.10.72 NXP stopped supporting Cortex-m firmwares loaded from U-Boot
HDMI and DP suspend/resume crash Using HDMI or DP display, resume from suspend ends up in a kernel crash
USB Type-A ports are not supported in U-Boot on SPEAR-MX8 U-Boot USB driver does not recognize USB devices behind the hub
USB Type-A ports don't work after resume from suspend in Linux on SPEAR-MX8 USB driver does not recognize USB devices behind the hub