VAR-SOM-MX8M-NANO Release Notes

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VAR-SOM-MX8M-NANO Release Notes

Yocto zeus-fsl-5.4.3-mx8mn-v1.1

1 Release Notes

Based on release Yocto: Poky 3.0, BSP: NXP L5.4.3-1.0.0, Linux: lf-5.4.y
Release tag zeus-fsl-5.4.3-mx8mn-v1.1
Date 8/10/2020
Supported platforms VAR-SOM-MX8M-NANO
SOM revision v1.1 and higher
Variscite BSP git
Variscite BSP branch zeus-imx-5.4.3-var01
Variscite BSP commit ID 6296006a3bfa40d32781164e09a0a6bdc21d6786
Kernel git
Kernel branch lf-5.4.y_var01
Kernel commit ID 96dfc9f796aa4a4f3b0bb453b0c011d02fee1da4
U-Boot git
U-Boot branch lf-5.4.y_v2019.04_var01
U-Boot commit ID 5c4a747c5bc6f54d354abafc1d16fd9ea1b2ba65
File System build system Yocto Zeus
Recovery SD card link var-som-mx8mn-recovery-sd.v22.img.gz

Note: Some web browsers have removed FTP support. Please see our FTP wiki page or download using the command line:

$ wget 

After downloading the image, visit our Recovery SD card guide to learn how to program a recovery SD card.

2 Change Log

Change List Description
Release 1.1
iso-codes: Set branch as main in SRC_URI to fix fetch issue
pm-utils: Add Ethernet suspend/resume scripts
DS1307: Ensure that alarm IRQ can be wakeup source Fix udev stop/start for Yocto Zeus
Reduce power consumption during suspend to RAM
net: fec: Add optional property phy-reset-on-resume to reset the phy upon resume from sleep
rtc: ds1307: Ensure that alarm IRQ can be wakeup source
edt-ft5x06: check wakeup-source dts property
MLK-23408: ASoC: fsl_audmix: make clock and output src write only Fixed "alsactl -f state.conf store/restore" sequence
MLK-23349-2 usb: chipidea: udc: add sg list support Fixed possible OOM issue on systems with low memory
Autoboot: SDP: Stop setting the environment to default when booting from USB
serial: mxc: Make mxc_base modifiable by external code
Release 1.0
Initial Yocto Zeus release for VAR-SOM-MX8M-NANO