VAR-SOM-MX6 Release Notes

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Debian stretch-4.9.88-mx6-v2.0

1 Release Notes

Based on release Debian: Stretch 9.5, Linux Kernel: NXP rel_imx_4.9.88_2.0.0_ga
Release git
Release branch debian_stretch_mx6_var02
Release tag var-mx6-debian-recovery-sd.v09
Date 3/21/2019
Supported platforms VAR-SOM-MX6 / DART-MX6 / VAR-SOM-SOLO/DUAL
Embedded Linux Distribution Debian Stretch
Kernel git
Kernel branch imx_4.9.88_2.0.0_ga-var01
Kernel commit ID ec7d7d8ccb4960ee382c97f3b08db16086382d4b
U-Boot git
U-Boot branch imx_v2017.03_4.9.11_1.0.0_ga_var01
U-Boot commit ID a7869c2cde98e5f5b1886d8f54dff321a7aa0597
Recovery SD card link var-mx6-debian-recovery-sd.v09.img.gz

Note: Some web browsers have removed FTP support. Please see our FTP wiki page or download using the command line:

$ wget 

After downloading the image, visit our Recovery SD card guide to learn how to program a recovery SD card.

2 Change Log

Change List Description
Release v9
DART-MX6: Update the kernel cpu operation points for increased stability
Update xorg-server from 1.19.2-1+deb9u2 to 1.19.2-1+deb9u5
Add camera auto focus support
Fix Bluetooth startup exception
Fix "/" ownership issue when building on some host OSes (e.g. Ubuntu 18.04)
Disable by default the automatic sleep when inactive The settings can always be changed via Applications > Settings > Power Manager
Add support for VAR-SOM-MX6 with an i.MX6QP SOC Worked previously when booting from the SD card, but not from NAND flash
Release v8
Updated U-Boot to latest commit
Switched to new kernel branch
Updated all NXP packages
Release v7
Aligned U-Boot, kernel and NXP packages to Yocto Sumo
Release v6
Updated to Debian Stretch
Release v5
Updated WL18xx WIFI Driver to version R8.7_SP2 Release Notes:
Release v4
Updated WL18xx WIFI firmware to version R8.7_SP2 Update to latest firmware from TI that fixes WL183XMOD module failure observed in some cases
Updated WL18xx BT firmware to version SP4.2