R3 Silverlight Support

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R3 Silverlight Support

This chapter describes how to enable Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 Silverlight support

1 OpenGL Support

Silverlight uses OpenGL API, therefore uses the OMAP3530 / dm3730 on-chip OpenGL HW accelerator.

In order to use the OpenGL accelerator, the PowerVR SW component should be included in the workspace.

Follow the following steps:

  • Download PowerVR latest version from Variscite FTP site. The package should reside under /OMAP/WindowsCE/Release/x.y.z/PowerVR/ folder, where "x.y.z" should be substituted with the version of latest BSP.
  • Follow the installation instructions in the _Installation.txt file, residing in the mentioned above folder
  • Open working solution in Visual Studio 2005. For example VAR_OM35xx_REL.
  • Go to the Catalog view
  • Open Third Party folder
  • Check PowerVR and open it as folder
  • Check OpenGLES 2.0 form the 3D API folder

For more details reference to OpenGL on VAR-SOM-OM35 Windows CE topic.

2 Enable Silverlight Components

  • Go to the Solution Explorer
  • Right click on the solution name
  • Choose Properties
  • Go to the Configuration Properties > Environment
  • Set New environment variable SYSGEN_XAML_RuntimeCreates to be 1
  • Set New environment variable BSP_XRPLUGIN_OPENGL to be 1
  • Set New environment variable SYSGEN_SAMPLEXAMLPERF to be 1. This settings optional for including Silverlight examples

3 Building

Perform CLEAN SYSGEN build.