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$(function() {
	$('#mw-navigation .nav-item .nav-link').not('.dropdown-menu .nav-link').addClass('hvr-underline-from-center');
	const products = $('#products-dropdown');
	$('#products-menu > li').append(products);
	$('#products-menu .dropdown-menu a.dropdown-toggle').on('click', function(e) {
	  if (!$(this).next().hasClass('show')) {
	  var $subMenu = $(this).next(".dropdown-menu");

	  $(this).parents('').on('', function(e) {
		$('.dropdown-submenu .show').removeClass("show");
	  return false;

	var exts = ['.jpg', '.gif', '.png'];
    	var $t = $(this);
    	$.each(exts, function(i,v){
        	$t.attr('alt', $t.attr('alt').replace(v, ''));