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'''Pyro Linaro 4.9.34'''
*[[DART-SD410_Yocto_DeveloperGuide_Pyro_4.9.34|Complete Developer Guide]]
'''Linaro 4.4.9'''
'''Linaro 4.4.9'''
*[[DART-SD410 Yocto_DeveloperGuide_4.4.9|Complete Developer Guide]]
*[[DART-SD410 Yocto_DeveloperGuide_4.4.9|Complete Developer Guide]]

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Bringing the Snapdragon™ magic to the embedded market, the DART-SD410 supports the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 410 (APQ8016) 1.2GHz Quad Cortex-A53 in 64-bit architecture. In an amazing 25mm x 43mm ultra compact size, the DART-SD410 offers a staggering processing power and highly optimized power consumption, ideal for embedded portable devices and battery operated products. High-resolution camera, advanced multimedia support and broad connectivity options are just some of the features that ensure a richer experience in various embedded segments and applications.

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Pyro Linaro 4.9.34

Linaro 4.4.9


Debian Linaro 4.9.39

Debian Linaro 4.9.34

Debian Linaro 4.4.9

Ubuntu Linaro 4.2.4


Coming Soon

Specs summary
CPUQualcomm Snapdragon™ 410 1.2GHz Quad Cortex-A53 64-bit processor
MemoryUp to 2GB LP-DDR3
GPU400MHz Adreno 306 2D/3D Graphics accelerator
1080p30 encode/decode
Display4-lane DSI, Up to 720p60/1080p30, 24-bit,
On carrier DSI to HDMI bridge,
On carrier DSI to LVDS bridge
StorageSD-Card, Up to 16GB eMMC
NetworkWi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth
Ethernet: 1000/100/10Mbps On Carrier
RTCOn carrier
I2CUp to 6
SPIUp to 6
USB1 x USB2.0 Host/Device
AudioDigital microphone,
2 x analog microphone,
Stereo headphone,
Mono speaker, 2 x I2S
Temperature Range-25to 85°C
Dimensions25mm x 43mm x 4mm