VAR-SOM-SD600 gpio

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1 GPIOs features

The APQ8064 SoC GPIOs features are as follows
  • 90 GPIO pins (GPIO_0 to GPIO_89)
  • Configurable pull-up/down
  • Configurable output drive current
  • Interruptable GPIOs

2 GPIO manipulation

GPIO manipulation is done through the standard gpiolib
The usage / API is well described in kernel/Documentation/gpio.txt.

Additional useful links:

3 PinMux configuration

GPIO mux configuration is done in kernel\arch\arm\mach-msm\board-8064-gpiomux.c At apq8064_init_gpiomux(void) you can find several examples of pinmux configuration. or example struct apq8064_gsbi2_UART2_configs configures GPIO pins 22,23,24 and 25 to serial port.