VAR-SOM-SD600 fastboot

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1 General information

Qualcomm's propietary bootloaders (SBLs) can not be shared with customers Bad installation of either SBLs or LK bootloader (fastboot), will result in sending SOM back to Variscite for an RMA procedure.

2 Pre-built package

  • Plug-in the supplied SD card to your Linux machine, run dmesg and see which device is added (i.e. /dev/sdX or /dev/mmcblk0)
  • Download mx6qd-som-nand-recovery-sd.v23.img.gz (or latest which is available on Variscite's FTP)
  • For the Dual lite download mx6dl-som-nand-recovery-sd.v23.img.gz
  • For the Solo download mx6solo-som-nand-recovery-sd.v23.img.gz
$ gunzip mx6qd-som-nand-recovery-sd.v23.img.gz
$ sudo dd if=mx6qd-som-nand-recovery-sd.v23.img of=/dev/sdX bs=128k

3 Recover Nand Flash:

  • Insert the SD card into the SD/MMC slot of the custom board
  • Press and hold the boot-select button, power-off and power-on the board
  • The board will automatically boot into Linux from SD-Card

3.1 Flash from GUI

  • Press the right arrow on the upper right corner to change the desktop into Utilities.

  • Push FlashAndroid or FlashYocto icon.

3.2 Flash from command line

  • Login as root (no password)
  • From Linux command line, type: "" (This will install Yocto/Linux on the NAND)
  • To install Android type: " -o Android".
  • Reboot and Unplug the SD card