VAR-SOM-SD600 fastboot

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Variscite provides a recovery SD-card image that can be used to install the pre-built U-Boot, Linux kernel and the UBI file system into the Nand-Flash This SD card image includes a script ( that installs all the boot images and root file-system.

1 Preparing rescue SD-Card:

  • Plug-in the supplied SD card to your Linux machine, run dmesg and see which device is added (i.e. /dev/sdX or /dev/mmcblk0)
  • Download mx6qd-som-nand-recovery-sd.v23.img.gz (or latest which is available on Variscite's FTP)
  • For the Dual lite download mx6dl-som-nand-recovery-sd.v23.img.gz
  • For the Solo download mx6solo-som-nand-recovery-sd.v23.img.gz
$ gunzip mx6qd-som-nand-recovery-sd.v23.img.gz
$ sudo dd if=mx6qd-som-nand-recovery-sd.v23.img of=/dev/sdX bs=128k

2 Recover Nand Flash:

  • Insert the SD card into the SD/MMC slot of the custom board
  • Press and hold the boot-select button, power-off and power-on the board
  • The board will automatically boot into Linux from SD-Card

2.1 Flash from GUI


  • Press the right arrow on the upper right corner to change the desktop into Utilities.


  • Push FlashAndroid or FlashYocto icon.

2.2 Flash from command line

  • Login as root (no password)
  • From Linux command line, type: "" (This will install Yocto/Linux on the NAND)
  • To install Android type: " -o Android".
  • Reboot and Unplug the SD card