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MCUXpresso Platform Customization

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1.1 Sections

1.1.1 Available Demos

  • driver_examples/i2c/interrupt_b2b_transfer/slave
  • driver_examples/i2c/interrupt_b2b_transfer/master
  • driver_examples/i2c/polling_b2b_transfer/slave
  • driver_examples/i2c/polling_b2b_transfer/master
  • driver_examples/wdog
  • driver_examples/gpio/led_output
  • driver_examples/tmu/tmu_monitor_report
  • driver_examples/pwm
  • driver_examples/uart/auto_baudrate_detect
  • driver_examples/uart/interrupt
  • driver_examples/uart/interrupt_rb_transfer
  • driver_examples/uart/polling
  • driver_examples/uart/interrupt_transfer
  • driver_examples/gpt/timer
  • driver_examples/gpt/capture
  • driver_examples/ecspi/ecspi_loopback
  • driver_examples/qspi/polling_transfer
  • driver_examples/rdc
  • driver_examples/sema4/uboot
  • rtos_examples/freertos_ecspi/ecspi_loopback
  • rtos_examples/freertos_hello
  • rtos_examples/freertos_queue
  • rtos_examples/freertos_sem
  • rtos_examples/freertos_generic
  • rtos_examples/freertos_uart
  • rtos_examples/freertos_tickless
  • rtos_examples/freertos_mutex
  • rtos_examples/freertos_event
  • rtos_examples/freertos_swtimer
  • rtos_examples/freertos_i2c
  • cmsis_driver_examples/i2c/int_b2b_transfer/slave
  • cmsis_driver_examples/i2c/int_b2b_transfer/master
  • cmsis_driver_examples/uart/interrupt_transfer
  • cmsis_driver_examples/ecspi/int_loopback_transfer
  • multicore_examples/rpmsg_lite_str_echo_rtos
  • multicore_examples/rpmsg_lite_pingpong_rtos/linux_remote
  • demo_apps/hello_world

1.1.2 Memory types

The SDK allow linking using 2 different memory types: DDR, TCM.

Here is available a short summary of memory areas used by Cortex-M4 as described in related linker file.

memory type M4 memory area A53 memory area memory lentgh linker file
DDR 0x80000000-0x801FFFFF (code)
0x80200000-0x803FFFFF (data)
0x80400000-0x80FFFFFF (data2)
0x80000000-0x801FFFFF (code)
0x80200000-0x803FFFFF (data)
0x80400000-0x80FFFFFF (data2)
16MB (DDR) MIMX8MQ6xxxJZ_cm4_ddr_ram.ld
TCM 0x1FFE0000-0x1FFFFFFF (code)
0x20000000-0x2001FFFF (data)
0x80000000-0x80FFFFFF (data2)
0x007E0000-0x007FFFFF (code)
0x00800000-0x0081FFFF (data)
0x80000000-0x80FFFFFF (data2)
256kB (TCM) + 16MB (DDR) MIMX8MQ6xxxJZ_cm4_ram.ld

All linker files are locate in the armgcc folder of each demo.

After launching the command the following folder will be created in the armgcc folder

  • ddr_debug: containing DDR binaries compiled in debug mode (stripped: no symbols available)
  • ddr_release: containing DDR binaries compiled in release mode (not stripped: symbols available)
  • debug: containing TCM binaries compiled in debug mode (stripped: no symbols available)
  • release: containing TCM binaries compiled in release mode (not stripped: symbols available)

Further details about memory mapping are available in i.MX 8M Applications Processors Reference Manual paragraphs:

  • 2.1.2 Cortex-A53 Memory Map (pag 496)
  • 2.1.3 Cortex-M4 Memory Map (pag 498)

1.1.3 JTAG

The VAR-DT8MCustomBoard exports the DART-MX8M JTAG signals through J29, a standard 1.27" 10 pin header.

Here the pinout

pin signal description pin signal description
1 JTAG_VREF JTAG IO reference voltage,
connects to SOM_NVCC_3V3.
2 JTAG_TMS JTAG Mode Select signal
3 GND Digital Ground 4 JTAG_TCK JTAG Clock signal,
requires 10K pull down.
5 GND Digital Ground 6 JTAG_TDO JTAG Data Out signal
7 GND Digital Ground 8 JTAG_TDI JTAG Data In signal
9 JTAG_NTRST_C JTAG Reset signal 10 NRST_CON Programmer Reset,
used to put the SOC in reset state.

Please refer to board schematics for further details.

1.2 Releases

1.2.1 mcuxpresso-2.5.1-mx8mq-v1.0


2.1 Releases

2.1.1 mcuxpresso-2.5.0-mx8mm-v1.0